Preschool Programs

Lil lighthouse preschool programs are designed to provide the best nursery education in Tumkur.

Preschool Programs

Our approach to learning is tailored to the developmental needs and readiness of students at each age and stage. Teachers focus on creating a ‘safe environment’ for our children to ignite their natural curiosity, nurture confidence, and develop positive attitudes toward their new discoveries and learning. Our teachers help guide your child at their own pace, so that they can grow with confidence, feeling supported and cared for.

Although the Pre-school education is compartmentalized, we believe in achieving the holistic education that includes developing Gross motor skills, Fine motor skills, early Mathematical concepts, Problem solving, Language and Vocabulary, Pre-writing Skills including pencil grip, Listening skills, Musical skills, Visual perception Skills, Auditory Perception skills, Pre-Reading skills, Memory, early Science concepts, Social skills, Creative expression and growing independence as per the needs and readiness of a particular child.

Lil lighthouse preschool is a well-known and the best kindergarten school in Tumkur. 

Playgroup / Toddlers: 1.5 – 2.5 Yrs
Nursery / Pre –K:  2.5 – 3.5 Yrs
Kindergarten 1/ LKG: 3.5 – 4.5 Yrs
Kindergarten 2/ UKG: 4.5 – 6 Yrs

After School – Day care

Lil lighthouse preschool  provides a safe childcare facility in Tumkur.

We have daycare facilities and trained and empathetic staff takes care of your loved ones.

Our Day Care program caters to working parents in taking care of their children during their routine office hours. (9.00-5.30 PM).

Age group: 1.5 – 12 years

 We indulge them in recreational activities and activity-based learning. Our compassionate staff takes care of their other needs while they play, explore and learn. Our teachers aid in continuing with their education and also help them with their home assignments.

We strive to keep your kids safe in a happy and self-learning environment under able supervision.

Readiness Program

Educational program for students trained elsewhere to meet the standards to join the first standard (Primary school)

School readiness can be actively facilitated with a little forward planning to ensure that children regularly participate in activities that develops the appropriate skills required to help optimal learning when they start school. While many people think of academics (e.g. writing their name, counting to 10, knowing the colors) as the important school readiness skills, school readiness actually refers to a much broader range of skills like self care (independent toileting and opening lunch boxes), attention and concentration, physical skills, emotional regulation, language skills and play and social skills.

We firmly believe that education in human values form their core strength to face the real challenges of life.


Real education is that which promotes unity, equality and peaceful co-existence with fellow human beings…

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba emphasized, ‘real education is that which promotes unity, equality and peaceful co-existence with fellow human beings. It flows from the heart and is termed as EDUCARE.

  • To help children realize their innate goodness.
  • To bring out the inherent values, of Truth, Right Action, Peace, Love and Non-Violence, in the children and to guide them to practice these values in their daily life.
  • To help teachers, parents and children to re-focus on these five basic positive values that underlies all aspects of a moral society.
  • To help young people to be in touch with their own feelings and nurture awareness of the qualities within themselves which form good character and behaviour.
  • To help children to explore concepts of right and wrong through the use of storytelling, role-play, songs, games and drama.
  • To achieve human excellence by cultivating the values through unity of thought, word and deed.

NB: Only for interested students as per the parent’s wish and consent

Music Classes

Children socialize, vent emotions, and entertain themselves through music…

Music is said to have an influence on motor, language, social, cognitive, and academic abilities playing an important role in meeting a child’s educational needs as it provides a means of self-expression, giving the child an outlet for feelings and emotions.

Our teachers engage children everyday with Music and Dance to aid their learning. We are also planning Music Classes by Maestros in traditional Music.


Reading and Language arts

Alphabet recognition, Phonics, Rhyming words and word families, Sentence structure, Learn with activities; English, Kannada, Hindi and also Sanskrit


Teach numbers, addition, subtraction, patterns, measurements and more along with games and activities

The World around Us

Body and Health, Plants and animals, Weather, Climate and the Seasons, Maps, Solar system, Strive to learn our Surroundings with fun-filled activities

The Art & Colors

Primary and secondary colors, Puzzle, Music, Dance, Patriotic Songs and group singing and chanting, Celebrating our Culture: National Events & festivals

Our teaching methods

  • We follow a scientific blend of ancient Indian culture with Modern Education
  • We have an amalgamated curriculum of National Education Policy (NEP), Montessori, Early Years Foundation system (EYFS), Multiple Intelligence, Reggio Emilia and Lev Vygotsky.
  • Experiential learning with hands-on activities from various learning approaches for the holistic development of a child and to unleash their creative and intellectual potential
  • Critical thinking is an essential life skill and involves the ability to think clearly and rationally in order to understand logical connections between ideas. We encourage thinking logically. Although we do not subscribe to rote learning we endeavour children to keep pace with modern education.

We follow a programme of education focussed in seven areas, divided into ‘prime areas’ and ‘specific areas’

The three prime areas:

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development

The four specific areas:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

Our Team

Lil lighthouse preschool is the best play school in Tumkur. 

Our teachers and other staff are well trained and empathetic with the young minds. They are passionate and creative to instil the spirit of enquiry while understanding diversity. They are patient, energetic, flexible, well-organized, knowledgeable and mature enough to mingle with children and ignite their innate talents.

They implement a play-based learning approach in their classrooms, which means they are forced to wear many different and unique hats throughout the day.

One minute they are an expert storyteller during circle time with preschoolers, and in the next minute, they become conflict resolution managers, helping young learners to sort out their differences. Sometimes they are simply a playmate, while other times they help students engage in structured learning as part of the curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your School recognized / approved by the Karnataka State Government?

Our school is duly recognized / approved by the Karnataka State Public Education Department

Do you have day care facility?

We do have day care facilities and our trained and empathetic staff takes care of your loved ones.

What are the languages you teach and what is the medium of instruction?

Our endeavour is to teach children in Kannada; however, English would be used as the medium of instruction also. We also teach Hindi and introduce young minds to Sanskrit via shlokas and hymns.

What is the fee structure of the school?

We have kept a fee structure that’s competitive and affordable. You may meet the centre-head and discuss about the same.

What is the age group of students that can enrol to your school?

We would enroll students from 1.5 years of age to the school. Please refer to the website for further details.

What are the documents we need to provide while admitting our child?

Child’s Birth certificate & Aadhar card

Parents’ Aadhaar card

What are the responsibilities of parents you expect?

We look forward to your participation regularly and if interested may don different roles of running the school being guided by our teachers. We would love to have you as partners for safe running of our school and look forward to your regular feedback & constructive criticisms.

What is the Curriculum you follow for the pre-school?

Ours is a blended curriculum that inculcates human values and trains the child to be ready to start primary education at the appropriate age.

What are the timings of the school?


Do you have transport facility for the school children?

At present we don’t have the facility and we request parents to bring and take back their children. We strive to provide safe transport facilities shortly.

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